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Programming Languages
C#, T-SQL, JavaScript
MSSQL 2008, 2012, MySql, Oracle 9i, MongoDB 2.6
Entity Framework, WCF, RIA, WPF, WIF
jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, KendoUI, DevExpress
SSRS, APS.NET WebForms, APS.NET MVC, Silverlight, WCF, SSIS
Visual Studio 2010,2013, Sublime Text 3, PowerShell 3, git, svn, regular expression
Virtualization and infrastructure
Azure, VMware ESXi, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, TeamCity, MSBuild

Work Experience


Software Developer
November 2013 - Present - Rostov-on-Don
Software R&D and information technology outsourcing services provider. The company is one of the global top 100 software R&D service providers (IAOP,The Black Book of Outsourcing,Global Services).

In Auriga, I worked on applications for state company and bank. One of the developing application is used to collect and show financial and KPI indicators for bank's branches. In our team I developed ETL modules, reports for SSRS, and partialy involved in UI development. For this customer Auriga developed another one project, which used to process and work with reference information of bank's branches, and in this project I had a same sphere of responsibility: reports, ui and data manipulations. After that I comed to team of government customer. This customer order multiple systems, because their are closely related. One of them was a business workflow system with content management platform Documentum. When we were developed this middleware, I was responsible for task of UI, integration services, and programming database providers. I very grateful for it project for my expertise in Oracle databases, content management platforms, and for what I known about infrastructure building.

Gloria Jeans & Gee Jay

Software Developer
August 2012 - November 2013 - Rostov-on-Don
Vertically integrated specialty apparel brand, one of the biggest fashion retail company in Russia

Gee Jay work description
Support Engineer
December 2011 - August 2012 - Rostov-on-Don
In GJ stores, people counters are part of their essential business intelligence metrics, and I used to maintenance it for decreasing data, optimize procedure of installation, and prepare collected data for loading in dw.


On-site support engineer
February 2011 - November 2011 - Rostov-on-Don
Gandalf is software distribution company and IT services provider like consulting, outsourcing

Our engineering team provide customer support service on-site. It included a back up, restore and repair 1C databases, install new software releases and solve ongoing customer's questions.